One comment on “Graybeards Group Collects Over $100,000 For Sandy Victims In Rockaways

  1. They are giving money to “their own” and taking care of their own…. The piece i saw on TV (NBC)about them showed them handing out gift cards to effected Rockaway residents…. including a gift card to one of their club members. My family is not a member of the GBs but have lived in the rockaways for 45yrs. No one offered us anything. We lost as much as anyone of their members (cars, basements, personal items). I fear like every other charity, they will take care of their own. No one wants to ask for help. My home was damagned as much as the member who received a $500 gift card, but no one came to my house asking or offering me a gift card. ALL BS. All of it.


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